Cong Phuong Cao

Name: CONG Phuong Cao

Status: Starting Master Student, Vietnam Japan University, Vietnam National University



  • 09/2014-06/2018: Bachelor of Physics in Faculty of Physics, VNU University of Science, Vietnam National University – Hanoi.
  • 09/2019-now: Master student, Vietnam Japan University, Vietnam National University – Hanoi

Graduated with Distinct Degree of Talented Program in Physics


  • Studied simulation methods in Biophysics and Computational Physics
  • Excellent programming skills in C, C++ and Python languages,
  • Good at physical computing and simulating, data analyzing

Research interests:

  • (Grand canonical) Monte Carlo methods
  • Molecular dynamics techniques
  • Combining MD and MC simulations


  • Investigating molecular mechanism for the stability of ternary systems containing cetrimide, fatty alcohol and water by using computer simulation, Hoang,Vu Dang, Tran,Hung Huu, Phuong,Cao Cong, Nguyen,Hue Minh Thi, Nguyen,Toan T., J. Mol. Graph. Model., 2020, 95, 107500